FDK was founded in 2015. Our company imports and exports welded pipes, seamless pipes of various materials and specifications, as well as elbows, tees, reducers, flanges, caps, collar, fasteners and other pipe accessories. Our products are sold to Germany, Finland, Canada, Singapore, Uruguay, the United States. They have been widely used in petroleum, chemicals, paper mills, water treatment and other industrial fields. We have been always providing our customers with a full set of services from production, quality inspection to packaging, transportation and after-sales at low prices and high-quality services.

Contact Person

Dongwei Chen



+49 (0) 9303 98120 82


Shiyun Feng

Vertrieb Außendienst 

(Sales Manager)

+49 (0) 9303 98120 86


Qing Fu

Vertrieb Innendienst 

(Sales Manager)

+49 (0) 9303 98120 86


Qiang Zhang

Vertrieb Innendienst 

(Sales Manager)

+49 (0) 9303 98120 86


Mengjia Zhang



+49 (0) 9303 98120 81


Our Suppliers

FDK strictly selects manufactories. Our suppliers are mainly concentrated in the most developed area of China - Yangtze River Delta region. From raw material procurement to production, quality inspection and packaging, they strictly follow international industry standards and production specifications. Our colleagues in China actively participate in the entire production process, urging manufacturers to complete design, production, inspection, etc. in strict accordance with customer requirements, and provide comprehensive guarantee for our products.


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